The Water’s Fine

Reflections from a Senior in College


Thank you for joining me on this new adventure! I have never kept a blog before, but the thought of them has always intrigued me. This blog will provide valuable experience and new opportunities for me. In addition to new opportunities, this blog will provide a place for me to document my senior year of college and share thoughts about things I am passionate about. Thanks for diving in with me!!

Is the water really fine?

Well sure it is!! It may also be a little crazy, like the rapids of the early summer Colorado River, but that’s how life goes! Water is a very important entity to me, so I am excited to name my blog after it. Water has so many incredible properties, from its durability, flexibility, diversity, ability to support life, and absolute beauty. I hope that my blog may follow in the footsteps of water in these regards. I hope that my blog is strong and opinionated, but gentle enough to be heard. I hope that this blog is diverse and that everyone can relate to some part. I also hope that through the ups and downs of the semester I will keep my head above the water, remain flexible, and endure through all the trials that come my way!


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